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New Website for Don Cousins Contracting

Don Cousins Contracting New Website

Created a Custom Designed Website!

Rockwynn recently designed a website for Don Cousins Contracting. We designed a one page website for Don, and showcased some of his jobs in an image carousel at the top of his website. Other sliders and carousels were used throughout the site. A contact form was added at the bottom for prospective clients to contact him, this was connected to his domain email, and his iPhone.

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Woodlore International Inc. Website

Woodlore International Inc.Rockwynn recently completed a Website for Woodlore International Inc.

Redesign outdated Website, add Content Managemant System, Responsiveness…

Founded in 1981, Woodlore began producing custom laminate office furniture in a 5,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Mississauga, Ontario. Over the years, they continued to grow and expand, and today their 140,000 square foot facility utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and automated processes that are supported by their proprietary resource planning software.

In addition to their broad offering of quality office casegoods, they also manufacture products for the healthcare, hospitality, and educational markets.

Woodlore has earned a reputation for providing outstanding value by delivering uncompromising service, and unmatched quality in accelerated lead times. They have always believed that their customers deserve nothing less.

Professional, responsive website made with Woo Canvas & custom child theme.

Woodlore’s Website was around 10 years old, technologies have changed a lot since then. Their site was hard to update. The design was not responsive to different devices sizes, such as Tablets, Ipads, mobile phones etc… Also the load time needed to be optimized. Rockwynn kept the look of their old site and redesigned the technology.

Woodlore’s new site loads faster, has a Content Management System which makes updates, changes and adding new content simple and easy. The new site is “Responsive” meaning the layout adapts to whichever device it is viewed on. The image galleries have been updated, Image Sliders and Thumbnail Scrollers have been added. Basically the website has been completely updated to todays standards.
Woodlore International Inc.

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What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

Wordpress Content Management SystemA content management system (CMS) is a system that simplifies the publication of content to websites, allowing website owners to update content, change content, and add new content without requiring HTML programming or file upload knowledge.

In many cases, integrating a CMS into your website, like the WordPress Content Management System, allows the user to edit their website in an environment similar to Microsoft Word. This type of CMS uses a WSYISYG (What you see is what you get) editor.

Content Management Systems are becoming more and more popular as business owners and entrepreneurs are turning to the Internet to do business.

Website owners are tired of paying insane prices for even the smallest of website updates. They want to be able to do it themselves and they want to be able to do it whenever it is convenient for them – even if it at 2:00 am!

Smart web designers and web developers are offering the integration of content management systems like WordPress (a blogsite based CMS) to provide more flexibility in the sites they produce and to help entrepreneurs and business owners stay in total control of their websites. In Fact, Rockwynn’s website is a custom WordPress website and is also considered a blogsite because of the integrated blog!

Here is a quick breakdown of just some of the basic ways a content management system can improve your website and what it will allow you to do:

Update, delete, change, add content
Format content and add bulleted and numbered lists
Add links to other websites, blogs, documents, videos, shopping carts and more
Add, delete, and organize pages
Upload and link to documents such as PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, etc.
Upload and insert images, photos, and graphics
Manage a blog
Integrate your social media posts and profiles
Customize page names, add page titles, and add meta tags information
Add video and audio
Create electronic forms
Add and manage a calendar
Integrate your email marketing list opt-in boxes
Define user roles and access
Access old versions of your web pages
Track stats and traffic history for your website
Access information and make updates easier and faster

If you can’t do this with your current website, give Sandy a call at 705 384-2644 and let’s talk about creating you a powerful WordPress website for your business.

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